I developed a machine and a set of tools that enable me to form chicken wire very controlled and accurately. By stretching the material over a mold it shrinks itself to the form and takes its shape. The tension that comes into the material from stretching stays captured to form a very efficient structure.

The lamps are covered with a layer of bamboo paper. This paper expands when moistened because of it’s long fibers. When the paper dries over the mesh shapes, it wraps them tightly and contributes to the structure of the lamp. In this way two very simple materials work together very well.

  • Open Meshmatics Lamp
    Open Meshmatics Lamp

    Length: 50 centimeters / 20 inches

    Diameter: 32 centimeters / 12.5 inches

    Materials: Chicken wire, bamboo paper, aluminum, copper.

    Colour: White with grey cord

    Weight: 500 grams / 1.1 pounds

    Standard cord length: 3.5 meters /…

    € 395,00
  • Meshmatics Floorlamp
    Meshmatics Floorlamp

    Length: 180 centimeters / 6 feet

    Shade diameter: 40 centimeters / 16 inches

    Materials: Chicken wire, bamboo paper, ash wood, aluminum and copper

    Colour: White with grey cord

    Weight: 3 kilograms / 6.6 pounds

    Standard cord…

    € 1.195,00

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