Would you like to order a product but still have some questions? Browse through these frequently asked questions to see if your answer is in there. If not, feel free to contact us! 


What is the lead-time for my order? 

At Atelier Rick Tegelaar we produce all our products our selves with maximum care. Most of the products are in stock and ship within a couple of days. If products are not in stock we ship within 2-4 weeks. 

If you need your products earlier, just drop us a line at info@ricktegelaar.nl and we can see if there is a way to speed up the delivery. 


Will the Meshmatics-mesh rust over time?

No, the Meshmatics lamps are made out of high-quality chicken wire and will never rust. When the lamp is in an extremely humid environment the mesh can dull a little bit over time. Treating the mesh with silicone-free Vaseline can prevent this. 


Will the Meshmatics paper turn yellow over time?

No, the paper is wood-free and will not turn yellow over time. 


Can I replace the Meshmatics Chandelier LED?

The Meshmatics Chandelier has an integrated LED of very high quality. We test the Chandeliers twice before we ship them, so we almost never have a faulty one. 

In the unlikely event of a not or poorly functioning system, it's highly likely due to the LED driver, which is easy to replace. Of course this is under warranty. 



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